The Black Wave- Bob Aldous

The Black Wave

Measures 150 x 100 cms

Ink- Acrylic – Watercolour on Silk


This is a work in the Poseidon series with the gestural marks akin to the breaking of waves in the sea. The work has a very strong range of tone – from deep black to glowing white. The painting can be seen as an abstract- but there is also a very strong resemblance to crashing waves and the sparkle of sunlight on the water surface.

This use of water as a motif runs consistently through my work,  the layering of paint and ink glazes enables me to produce a range of effects and moods, from the meditative through to the dynamic gesture of the application of ink.

“The Black Wave” articulates a pictorial space that jumps from a deep velvet black (like the infinite space of the sky)   to the immediacy of thick impasto that lies on the picture plane, this gives the work a wide dynamic range.